Toronto Mourns, Violence Demands Action

Two lives have been lost, and many more are seriously injured, after a gunman shot into crowds of people enjoying a summer evening on Toronto’s Danforth Ave. This shocking event naturally brings sorrow and grieving to the entire city. The ripple effects of this kind of horror can be deep and lasting – for those directly effected and those part of the surrounding community.

CUPE Ontario sends our deep gratitude to our paramedics and all first responders who attended the scene Sunday night. They were there in minutes, making sure that all the victims received the emergency care they needed. Lives were saved thanks to their work.

We also deeply appreciate and recognize the skills of the hospital workers who are providing ongoing care and support to all those injured. We thank them along with all the community social services workers who are, and will be, providing support to help with the individual and collective healing that is so clearly needed.

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