Your steward is always the first point of contact for any situation and/or question that may arise. In the unlikely event that your steward is unable to assist you, he/she will get in you touch with someone who can and will follow up with you to ensure the matter has been heard.

Stewards receive a great deal of training and are able to provde many services, some of which are listed below. In any event, your area steward should always be your first point of contact with the union. A list of stewards and contact information is provided below.

Some of the services and training area stewards provide are:

  • educated in the interpretation of language in the collective agreement
  • trained as mediators to resolve matters between management and you
  • able to provide conflict resolution in the workplace
  • willing to help ensure a safe workplace for everyone
  • able clarify the duties outlined in your job identification
  • able to assit you in access/networking with outside agencies as required
Note: If the steward position in your area is vacant, you should contact the Head Steward or member of the Executive.

Group A – Custodial / Maintenance

Dan Gibson
Head Steward
Area: Belleville

John Burns
Area: Centre/North

Group B – Clerical / Technical

Kim Hutchinson
Area: Trenton

Chris Bakker
Area: County

Group C – Educational Assistants and Early Childhood Educators

Shelley Briscoe
Head Steward
Area: Belleville
613-243-7546 (w)

Sarah Risk
Area: Trenton

Health and Safety

Rob Black
Group A

Pauline Burke
Group B

Robin Sands
Group C

Laura Brown
Member at Large